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Learn business administration with online courses and programs

Learn the skills you need to become a great business leader. From taking individual courses to earning a full business administration degree, edX offers a variety of educational opportunities to advance your career today.

What is business administration?

Business administration encompasses the entire management of a company. Professionals in charge of business administration are key decision makers on everything from day-to-day operations to organizational structure to financial management. They are tasked with monitoring performance and ensuring that the company stays aligned with its vision and mission, while hitting its goals. 

Whether they are starting out as a new entrepreneur or they are stepping into a leadership role at an existing company, professionals in this field can expect to perform a range of activities such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and budgeting. They may have to coordinate across departments, ensuring the effective management of resources, such as people, money, materials, technology and information. And they must be able to respond to shifting business landscapes. In today's business environment, these professionals must make critical decisions about how to keep a company's information systems up to date and secure, and how to lead companies through changes that result from evolving technology.

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Why study business administration? 

Businesses and organizations need strong leadership and management to achieve their goals and objectives. A strong management team can ensure that resources are utilized efficiently and effectively, and that policies, procedures and strategies are in place to help organizations stay competitive and profitable. These leaders aren’t just looking for the next big business opportunity; they're also helping to create a positive working environment and encouraging collaboration and cohesion between employees.

Studying this field through a full master’s in business administration program can provide a comprehensive overview of the many different principles and practices needed to manage a business and its operations. Business leaders may need more technical skills related to topics such as accounting, finance, data analytics, and information technology. But they also need practice in somewhat softer skills related to management and leadership, such as communication and development of employees. By studying business administration through degree programs or individual courses, you can gain an understanding of how to run all aspects of a business successfully. 

Business administration course curriculum

Business administration courses can cover a variety of topics focused on very different, but also complementary skills and subjects. Topics that may be included in an online business administration degree program include: 

  • Leadership

  • Strategic management and decision-making 

  • Business ethics 

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Statistics 

  • Operations and supply chain management 

  • Marketing management 

  • Business law

Full programs may also allow learners to declare a concentration in a specific area of study, providing more specialized coursework on topics such as data analysis or entrepreneurship. But learners who aren’t interested in pursuing a degree may find that an individual online business administration course covers the specific subject that meets their educational needs. 

edX offers a variety of learning pathways, including bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, and boot camps. Explore the different opportunities to find which one is right for you.

Explore business administration jobs

Whether you are interested in becoming a manager for the first time or trying to make the leap into the executive suite, studying business administration can prepare you for a range of jobs in the field. Professionals with business administration backgrounds may pursue roles including, but not limited to:

  • Business manager 

  • Human resources manager 

  • Business analyst 

  • Financial analyst 

  • Project manager 

  • Marketing manager 

  • Operations manager 

  • Sales manager 

  • Consultant 

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Chief Executive Officer 

  • Chief Financial Officer

Many of these roles may require more specialized expertise that can be acquired through focused learning. Additionally, the educational and skills requirements for each of these roles can vary greatly depending on the employer. Some employers may seek out individuals with master’s degrees, while other roles may be attainable with knowledge gained through a business administration course online. 

Online learning can be a convenient alternative to traditional on-campus instruction. edX makes it easy to explore a variety of available online courses related to the business field. You can sign up for a product management online boot camp, earn a bachelor’s degree in business online, or enroll in an online master’s in business administration program. Find the learning pathway that best suits your needs.

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