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Entrepreneurs don’t just create novel products. They identify a customer need, develop a solution, and determine whether that solution can be turned into a viable business. Learn how to succeed as an entrepreneur with online courses delivered through edX.

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a new business. Building a company from the ground up requires more than just capital investment. Successful entrepreneurs have a clear vision, know the steps to reach their goals, and understand how to compete within the market landscape. They can zero in on customer needs in order to develop solutions that can be tested and then delivered at scale. And they have the financial literacy to understand whether different business ventures will result in profit for both themselves and their investors. Being an entrepreneur can be risky, but it can bring in big rewards.

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Why is entrepreneurship important?

Entrepreneurs have a keen eye for identifying gaps in the markets and capitalizing on those opportunities. The ideas that they develop can be big or small. Likewise, the companies that emerge range from small mom-and-pop shops to multinational corporations. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield saw a college town in need of an ice cream shop and got to work. Today, their brand is a household name.

Entrepreneurship courses and curriculum

Business people need to be able to stay focused, take calculated risks, and know when to pivot. Entrepreneurship courses may introduce learners to analytical tools, review case studies from both successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, cover how to develop a business model, examine successful management tactics, and more. You may also learn how to assess financial risk, how to do market research, and how to position your company in the market.

But the best entrepreneurs also need strong soft skills. Take classes in leadership and management to practice your coaching, communication, and decision-making skills.

Careers in entrepreneurship

Put your entrepreneurial skills to use by founding your own business. Or work as a consultant helping to identify problems that existing organizations have. Entrepreneurial skills can be helpful whether you are serving as a CEO or a member of a new product development team. Explore how online entrepreneurship classes can help you achieve your personal and professional goals and begin your learning journey today with edX. 

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