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Why Learn about Fashion?

Fashion is a highly lucrative, creative field full of fun and innovation. The fashion industry itself, however, is undergoing some changes with climate concerns, labor rights, and an increasingly smaller world. Learning about the ways that modern concerns affect fashion could help you bring your joy and expertise to this area of human life. From street style to Fashion Week in New York, the clothing and accessories that we wear evolve and are huge parts of our self-expression. Everything from the design and manufacturing of the clothing to the business aspects of running a fashion house or building a brand is essential to the industry. If you're an influencer, designer, or in the fashion business, courses and certifications can give you the skills you need to build a successful career. Let's take a look at what you might find with

Fashion Courses Online and Certifications

Hong Kong Polytechnic offers a full professional certification series in partnership with edX designed to give you the fundamentals of fashion design and creation. The series, Fashion Design and Creation, provides the basis for designing and executing garments for your body and a variety of other body types. Tsinghua University offers a course on pattern making, drawing from fashion history and other elements to open up your creative thinking for design. Courses from the business side of things could include Columbia's Demand and Supply Analytics, Circular Economy from Wageningen, or Business Strategy from Wharton. A combination of fashion, creative, and business courses could put you in a great spot to make a career in the fashion industry. Understanding trending looks and celebrity style is only part of the equation. You must also have a knack for social media, understand supply chains, and build your business skills to make it in this competitive field.

Build a Career in Fashion

Red carpets wouldn't be the same without the thriving world of fashion business. Couture gowns and the casual, fresh looks of Avante Garde fashion shows offer humanity the chance to have fun with self-expression. Whether you're aiming to be the next Louis Vuitton or Gucci, the next fashion influencer like Gigi Hadid, or a business-savvy investor, edX has you covered. Take a range of courses in both fashion and business can help you understand the modern fashion industry and where fashion may be headed in the future. From Paris Fashion Week to the street style of Milan and in new emerging markets, you'll be ready to tackle the industry head-on.