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Learn financial literacy

Financial literacy helps individuals manage their money so they can make the best decisions for the future and achieve their financial goals. Learn about market trends and the basics of asset management with online financial literacy courses from edX.

What is financial literacy?

Financial literacy combines personal finance, financial concepts, and financial planning to help individuals build wealth and establish long-term stability. It can be tough to make the right decisions about money without knowing what financial planning tools are available. There are many components to wealth, and cash is only a part of that picture. Trading stocks, estate planning, purchasing a property, and running a business are potential ways to grow your net worth. Financial literacy is key to executing each of these activities.

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Financial literacy course curriculum

Financial decisions can't be made in a vacuum. Resource and money management requires an understanding of the economic landscape in order to prepare for the future. Knowledge of healthy wealth management habits doesn’t require years of schooling. Individuals can get started on their financial education journey with online courses in financial literacy. There are a wide range of courses covering beginner concepts, like interest rates and bookkeeping, as well as more complex ideas.

Personal finance training is also possible with courses focusing on money management, financial planning, and retirement savings for individuals. These courses prepare learners for financial situations, both in the short term and in the future. 

Individuals looking for financial training within a business context can learn about risk management through a professional certification program or build skills in management accounting courses. Other learning options include courses in financial analysis, decision-making, corporate accounting, and fintech.

Financial literacy jobs and services

Being financially literate can help in both your personal and professional life. People with a finance education may decide to work as accountants, auditors, budget analysts, financial advisors, loan officers, tax examiners, property appraisers, and more. Develop your financial literacy today with online courses from edX.

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