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What does a fintech analyst do?

Fintech analysts leverage 21st-century skills to streamline and automate essential financial products and services. As a fintech specialist, you will work to make traditional financial services — including banking and investing — more accessible for individuals and organizations

That said, the fintech industry offers more than just modernizing the way we bank. Join the fintech engineers who drive cutting-edge blockchain technology advancements, machine learning, and more. 

In an edX fintech boot camp, you will learn how to:

  • Model future financial performance of a company using Python and financial fundamentals.

  • Build an Ethereum blockchain and understand how transactions are validated on a distributed ledger.

  • Explore both the uses and disadvantages of a variety of machine learning algorithms, and their proper application within the field of finance.

  • Leverage machine learning to determine lending preferences and how effectively a cluster of customers would produce interest.

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Admission requirements for a fintech analyst boot camp

Admissions requirements and prerequisites for an online fintech boot camp may vary. At edX, our boot camp programs require:

  • A high school diploma

  • A submission form

  • An admissions interview 

  • A complete application

  • A problem-solving assessment (no prior industry knowledge is required)

  • A financial options, deposit, and enrollment agreement

You do not need previous Python coding experience or a bachelor’s or master's degree to apply to an edX fintech boot camp. Our expert instructors will teach you everything from fintech basics to cryptocurrency, giving you the market-driven skills you need to emerge as a leader in the industry. 

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What alumni are saying

Fintech BC testimonial

—Jimmy U., Columbia Engineering FinTech Boot Camp

“I never could imagine that I can make 6 figures until after taking this course and seeing the salary potential. I am beyond grateful for this course.”

What is taught in a fintech class?

Learn fintech from every angle. The best fintech boot camps will prepare you to create, code, and execute trading algorithms, trading bots, and blockchain technologies — including NFTs, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts using Ethereum.

Bootcamp Media

Fintech boot camp curriculum. Delivered by industry experts. 

Module 1: Intro to fintech

Gain a baseline understanding of things like financial modeling and financial statement analysis.

You will learn:

• Fintech landscape

• Time-series analysis

• Financial ratios

Module 2: Financial programming

Learn how to use Python and APIs to run robust financial analyses and build applications that rely on real-time data.

You will learn:

• Python

• Financial modeling

• Pandas

• Matplotlib

• Statistical programming

• APIs


• NumPy

• SciPy

• PyViz

Module 3: Machine learning applications in finance

Learn to use machine learning techniques to predict future outcomes, determine credit worthiness, buy and sell stocks, and more.

You will learn:

• Algorithmic trading

• Random forests

• k-nearest neighbors

• Support vector machines

• Scikit-learn

• Linear regression

• Logistic regression

• k-means clustering

• Neural networks

• Forecasting

• Amazon Web Services

Module 4: Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Develop a technical understanding of how blockchains work, and learn to use Solidity, the most popular blockchain language.

You will learn:


• Smart contracts

• Consensus algorithms

• Transactions

• Validation

• Distributed ledger

• Ethereum

• Cryptocurrency

• Mining

• Truffle Suite

• Ganache

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What are the highest paying fintech jobs?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall median annual salary for financial analysts in 2021 was $81,410 per year.Footnote 1 But, remember: Factors including location, experience level may impact your fintech salary. Take your earning potential to the next level with a fintech boot camp online.

Median pay for key fintech careers (2021)

  • Information security analyst: $102,600 per yearFootnote 2

  • Financial examiners: $81,410 per yearFootnote 3

  • Blockchain engineer: $95,270 per yearFootnote 4

  • Software developers: $110,140 per yearFootnote 5

How to become a fintech analyst  

Fintech specialists stand at the intersection of finance and technology. Through sophisticated algorithms and technologies, these experts are rapidly changing the way we think about money: who accesses it, who controls it, and how to protect it. 

As you complete our online fintech boot camp, you will learn in-demand skills, including:

Soft skills

  • Communication

  • Adaptability

  • Flexibility

  • Problem solving

  • Collaboration 

  • Curiosity 

Hard skills

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence knowledge

  • Programming fluency

  • Data analytics

  • Cybersecurity and blockchain

  • Finance expertise 

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to advanced technology, fintech specialists make traditional financial services and products more accessible for both commercial and personal use. They also drive advancements in 21st-century technology, such as cryptocurrency and machine learning.

edX fintech boot camps include courses on specialized topics, such as financial programming, machine learning applications in finance, and blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Fintech specialists rely on sophisticated mathematical models to anticipate financial trends. To excel in the field, you may need to understand the disciplines that power these frameworks, such as calculus, algebra, and statistics.

Coding experience is not a requirement of most fintech jobs. However, you will likely enhance your future fintech career if you learn in-demand programming languages, such as Python, C++, or Java. At edX, our fintech boot camps do not require any previous coding experience to apply.

A fintech boot camp could give you the competitive edge you need to excel in the fast-paced job market. Learn the multidisciplinary skills and techniques employers look for in well-rounded candidates.

Boot camp tuition varies across each program and depends on your chosen length of study. edX boot camps offer funding options for you to choose from, including an interest-free payment plan. Ask your admissions representative for tuition and funding option details.

Yes! A number of our university partners are offering a 20% discount on fintech boot camps to verified active military service members, reservists and veterans. Learn more on this page dedicated to military learners.