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A comprehensive knowledge of grammar allows professionals to effectively and efficiently communicate in academic and business settings. Learn how to write with clarity with online grammar courses from edX.

What is grammar?

Grammar encompasses the system and structure of a language, including the study of sentence structures, tenses, punctuation, prepositional phrases, and more. For anyone conducting business in English, an understanding of basic English grammar is essential. Comprehensive knowledge of English grammar rules can help to ensure professional, clear, and effective communication.

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Grammar course curriculum

Grammar courses are designed to help learners expand their knowledge of grammar so they are not reliant on apps and plug-ins to check grammar in professional settings. Learners will develop syntactic strategies to help them critique and edit their own writing and copy produced by colleagues. Journalists, business people, non-native English speakers, and aspiring writers can all benefit from studying basic grammar principles. Learn about indirect objects, passive voice, auxiliary verbs, parts of speech, interjections, verb tenses, complex sentences, and more with the wide selection of online courses and professional certificate programs from edX partners. 

Jobs that need grammar skills

People who study English language, grammar, or writing can pursue a variety of professions. For example, careers as a copy editor or copywriter are detail-oriented and require an advanced knowledge of grammar, sentence structure, and style. Other career paths for those with an advanced knowledge of grammar include teaching English as a second language or becoming an English teacher. Professionals in either of these roles function as a built-in grammar check for their students. Additional jobs for grammar experts include proofreader, ghostwriter, blog writer, book editor, publisher, editorial assistant, public relations specialist, speech writer, script writer, and freelance writer. 

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