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HTML is the basis for web pages. And while coding and programming languages vary, understanding HTML is essential for a front-end developer. Take HTML courses online to learn the skills front-end developers need.

What is HTML?

HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language and is the foundation of what exists on the web.Footnote 1 Its creation resulted in the computer coding and programming that produces what users typically see and interact with online.Footnote 2 That user-facing part of a website such as the design, images, dropdown menus, and pop-up chats involves front-end development. Front-end developersFootnote 3 typically learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Footnote 4

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HTML course curriculum 

Opportunities to learn HTML are available online. An HTML tutorial that covers coding essentials and best practices can take a number of weeks. A typical HTML course includes lessons on using HTML tags to build pages for websites, markup language, web design, and style. Taking a free HTML course for beginners can expose learners to the field so they can determine whether it’s a good fit as well as gauge their chances for career advancement. Completing an online HTML class or earning an HTML certificate allows learners of all levels to expand their knowledge and front-end developer skills.

HTML and front-end developer jobs

Expertise in HTML may lead to HTML programmer and front-end developer jobs. Some employers prefer to hire a front-end developer candidate who has a bachelor’s degree in related fields such as computer science or programming, web design, digital design, or graphic arts. Front-end developers with master’s degrees and relevant work experience can advance to become project managers.Footnote 5 Professionals in the field can enroll in boot camps to keep up with the latest HTML training that includes updates in software and technology.

HTML and front-end developer careers include titles such as:Footnote 6

  • Digital designer

  • Technology applications engineer

  • Web architect

  • Web design specialist

  • Web designer

  • Web developer

  • Webmaster

How to become a front-end developer 

A front-end developer typically has knowledge about computers and electronic devices and possesses skills in programming, critical thinking, reading comprehension, solving problems, active learning, active listening, and making decisions. Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can help build front-end developer skills. While not required, both a bachelor’s program in computer science or a data science master’s degree can teach aspiring professionals the skills needed for the job. Job candidates and employees seeking promotions can stand out if their previous work experience or projects can demonstrate their abilities.

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