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Learn Italian

Italian is a popular romance language and the ability to speak it can result in a greater appreciation for the Italian way of life. Learn Italian with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Italian?

Of all the modern languages spoken today, Italian is the closest to Latin. It has a rich history and roots that go back thousands of years. Understanding Italian can add depth and context to cultural experiences. Italy is home to some of the world’s most famous artworks and historical buildings, and is known for its food and fashion. 

Are you planning a trip to Italy? Imagine yourself being able to converse with locals, order off of Italian menus with ease, and explain the cultural relevance of the country’s customs and traditions. Having a strong grasp on the language can be beneficial when navigating casual conversations that can help you travel between the country’s different regions. 

Fluency in Italian can also be a professional asset. Aspiring architects, culinary artists, fashion designers, and historians may find that many of their studies lead back to Italian roots. And because Italian derives from Latin, learning the language may be helpful for people who want to study other Latin-based languages, such as French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

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Italian courses and curriculum

Introductory courses teaching the Italian language may cover basic phrases, greetings, pronunciations, and other fundamental topics. Beginners may learn how to introduce themselves, discuss daily activities, and describe what they do for work. This level of learner may also write and read simple texts. 

Those interested in learning about Italian culture may find courses covering the country’s storied history, its artists and writers, and its influence on the cultures of surrounding countries. And one of the best ways to keep learning a language while testing your knowledge is through immersion.

Careers for Italian speakers

Whether you’re interested in becoming a better global citizen, pursuing a professional career in the country, or communicating with friends and family, learning Italian can enrich your life. Businesses may appreciate applicants who can speak multiple languages. And being fluent in Italian can make Italy a great place to travel for personal fulfillment. Embark on your learning journey today with edX and see where learning this new language can take you.

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