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Learn Japanese

Japan is a global economic power that is also known for its culture, art, and media. Whether you’re a business professional interested in breaking into new markets or are simply an eager traveler, learning Japanese can open doors for new adventures.

What is Japanese?

While it isn’t the official language of Japan, Japanese is the country’s predominant language. In fact, few speakers reside outside of the country. Still, over 125 million people speak the language, which can make it an important language to learn for professionals in the age of globalization. Japan has a strong business presence and a rich history. Learning Japanese can increase your professional potential and make you more attractive to employers. It can also enrich your travel experiences in Japan, allowing you to speak confidently with locals and understand customs.

Additionally, Japanese entertainment has become increasingly popular in mainstream media. Beyond learning the language, having a grasp of Japanese culture and arts can enhance your appreciation of those films, books, and music.

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Japanese courses and certifications

Introductory Japanese courses and certifications may cover pronunciation, basic verbal communication, common Japanese phrases, and verbs and sentence structures. Using mnemonic devices and flashcards can be helpful supplements to your studies as you master new vocabulary. As you become more comfortable with the language, watching Japanese shows or listening to podcasts can help you become more familiar with everyday Japanese.

Careers for Japanese speakers

Learning a new language is a great way to challenge yourself, expand your mind, and gain a new skill. Online Japanese courses may help you advance in your career in fields such as business, international relations, diplomacy, and global public health. And it may make for more engaging travel experiences that can serve as inspiration for creative fields. Embark on your learning journey with edX today and see where this language can take you.

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