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Apply new skills to your role faster through expert-led, self-paced programs.

Why a MicroBootCamp™?

Built and taught by industry leaders

Experience expert-level instruction designed for seasoned professionals.

High quality programs

Add market-relevant skills to your résumé in as few as 8–10 weeks and quickly make an impact in your organization.

Adaptable online format

Learn when it’s convenient for you through self-paced coursework combined with on-demand virtual assistance.

Explore MicroBootCamp™ programs

Machine Learning and AI MicroBootCamps™

Learn the fundamentals of AI and machine learning, explore neural networks and deep learning, and use balanced data to train AI models more accurately.

This program is not designed for beginners. Interested learners should have a proven proficiency in Python and mathematics, including linear algebra, statistics, and multivariable calculus. Work experience in programming is recommended, but not required.

Stay at the forefront of your field with MicroBootCamps™

MicroBootCamps™ are 8–10 week programs designed to empower experienced professionals to directly apply new, industry-relevant skills to their current role and make an impact in their organization. Compared to the traditional full-length boot camps, which can run 18 to 24 weeks, MicroBootCamps™ give learners the flexibility to enhance their skill sets in less time, on their own schedules, at an accessible price.

Machine Learning

Frequently asked questions

MicroBootCamps™ offer learners the ability to add market-relevant skills to their roles through a self-paced format that puts them in the driver's seat while still offering live office hours and academic support. These programs are shorter, typically have more focused curriculums and project-based objectives, and are offered at a lower price than full-length boot camps.

To enroll in a MicroBootCamp™, select your program of interest and complete the application. If you have questions, you can contact an admissions counselor to help.

You will be able to learn at your own pace, with access to all content on the course start date so you can hit the ground running. Learners complete 8–10 hours of self-paced learning per week and complete the MicroBootCamp™ in as few as 8–10 weeks.

All MicroBootCamps™ are fully online with self-paced coursework that takes 8–10 weeks to complete. Live office hours, real-time learning assistance, and academic support are all online as well.

​​At the end of the MicroBootCamp™, you will receive a Certificate of Completion as evidence of your hard work. You will also complete the program with a portfolio to demonstrate the skills you’ve gained.

You could be a good fit for a MicroBootCamp™ if you’re an experienced professional looking to add industry-relevant skills to your résumé and make an immediate impact at your organization. These MicroBootCamps™ are designed to give professionals like you the ability to evolve your portfolio through high-quality content on a flexible schedule at a reasonable cost.

While no specific degrees are required, each MicroBootCamp™may have prerequisites related to each program field. 

Traditional full-length boot camps

Focused on real-world applications through hands-on project work and engaging class discussions, boot camps with edX are designed for working adults, students, and busy professionals who want to gain in-demand tech skills. The immersive online classroom experiences give you the opportunity to learn from industry professionals teaching market-driven curricula that are reflective of current industry trends.